My lizard is the Lizard of Random

A randomizer for Lizard

This is an outdated version of the Lizard randomizer!
For the latest version click here!

A 16-digit hexadecimal seed. (64-bit)
Leave empty for auto.
Randomize lizards
The location of lizards will be randomized.
Include extra lizards
This includes the 3 "extra" lizards in the randomization.
Include Lizard of Knowledge
The Lizard of Knowledge will be included in the randomization.
Not recommended by default. Requires randomized doors.
Randomize doors
Doors in the world will have their connectons randomized.
Mix door sides
The Lizard world has two sides, Recto and Verso.
This option allows Recto doors to connect with other Recto doors, and Verso to Verso. Without this, doors will only connect to the opposing side.
Randomize bosses
The boss locations will be partially randomized.
Due to difficult constraints, this feature is limited: the Water Zone boss cannot be moved, and the River Zone and Void Zone bosses may only swap with each other. The other three bosses have interchangeable location.

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After generating and downloading an IPS patch, apply it to your LIZARD.NES ROM.
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