Lizard NES Cartridge


Lizard is an original game currently in development for the Nintendo Entertainment System, but also playable on a PC, Mac, or emulator.

The game should be ready for release in 2017. A playable demo of the prototype is available below. If you'd like to know when the game is released, please subscribe to the mailing list below. This game will be released as NES cartridges, as well as digital versions.

This game was funded with Kickstarter: Kickstarter
This game has been greenlit for Steam: Steam Greenlight
The soundtrack is done, and you can hear it on Bandcamp: Soundtrack
Twitter: @Lizard_NES / #LizardNES
More about me at:


Download and play the prototype demo:

OS File Size
NES lizard_demo.nes 256 kb
Windows 442 kb
Macintosh lizard_demo.dmg 641 kb

Updates and information about the game:


Please direct all questions to: lizard @
Please send bug reports to: bugs @
Please use the hashtag: #LizardNES

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